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Physical Health

Ready to build personalized workout plans? Check out this link: Here

Confused about which diet plan suits you best? This link will guide you: Here

Looking to increase mobility and reduce pain? These basic stretching moves are just what you need: Here

Mental Health

Ready to increase productivity using the Pomodoro technique? Here are a few of our favorite channels that can help!

  • Study Pomodoro: Click Here
  • Abao in Tokyo: Click Here
  • Focus Station: Click Here

Want to keep your thoughts organized and creative mindset flowing? Here are some journaling templates to help get you started: Here

Need to clear your head so you can stay focused and productive? These meditation and breathing techniques will help you: Here

Emotional Health

Are your anxious and negative thoughts overwhelming your day? Here’s a quick exercise that may be able to help: Here

Need help using positive affirmations to brighten up your day? This article can help: Here

Having a stressful moment? These meditation and breathing techniques will help you get through this difficult moment: Here

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