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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MAGU?

MAGU is a premium herbal supplement that helps people alleviate their pain – physically, emotionally, and mentally. 

What are the ingredients in MAGU?

MAGU only has 1 ingredient: Organic hemp.


What makes MAGU special is our patented technology and high-quality organic ingredients.

Is MAGU a CBD product?

No it is not. CBD is just a small part of hemp just like how tires are a part of a car. 


Since hemp has so much science behind it and a 5000 year old history (with its origin as Traditional Chinese Medicine), many greedy companies have created synthetic “CBD products” to unsuccessfully mimic the benefits of hemp – which is why many “CBD products” don’t work.


MAGU is the first and only company to deliver the medicinal benefits of hemp naturally through the herb itself.

How does MAGU work?

Our proprietary process, fully activates all of the active of hemp (CBG, CBD, CBC, Terpenes, and Flavonoids).


Additionally, by utilizing different ratios of each part, and incorporating different hemp plants with a variety of terpenes, we can create a formula specifically tailored to a specific need.


For example, by utilizing:

  • … more CBG, to increase the neuroprotective, dermatological, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antitumoral, and anti-anxiety properties (Click here for studies)
  • … more Linalool and B-pinene, to add antidepressant properties (Click here for study)
  • … more B-caryophyllene, to add pain-relief and anti-inflammation properties (Click here for study)
  • … more A-Cedrene, to increase skeletal muscle mass and strength (Click here for study)
What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are naturally occurring chemical compounds found in all plants, and are especially abundant in hemp. They are responsible for maintaining the well being of the plant, but also have medicinal effects that can help treat many illnesses – this is where plant medicine comes from.


Terpenes are responsible for many of today’s medications like Aspirin which has its origins from the bark of a willow tree.


So far over 20,000 types of terpenes have been identified, each with their own pharmacological effect, and more are being discovered every day.


List of commonly found terpenes:

  • Alpha-bisabolol – also found in chamomile. Has anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Beta-caryophyllene – found in cloves, rosemary, and hops. Beneficial for managing symptoms of anxiety and depression. 
  • Guaiol – also found in cypress pine. Helps reduce pain, promotes euphoric moods, and increases creativity.
What is the Entourage Effect?

The “entourage effect” is the positive feeling derived from the addition of terpenes to the effect of cannabinoids. These components work synergistically to achieve the maximum pharmacological effect.


By incorporating different cannabinoids and terpenes naturally found in hemp, MAGU gives a greater entirety of effect to the user.

Why didn't I feel anything when I tried CBD products?

Without the CBG, CBC, and Terpenes of the plant – the positive effects of hemp is greatly diminished and the CBD is wasted.


Many greedy companies do not tell you this, and flood the shelves with falsely marketed “CBD Products” that simply do not work.


We at MAGU are so confident in our product, that we are willing to give you a full refund if you don’t feel better in 1 week.

How is MAGU different from a Full-Spectrum CBD Oil (Tincture)?

Full Spectrum CBD Oils and Tinctures are made by synthetically extracting the different components of hemp (CBD), mixing them with artificial additives (terpenes and flavoring), and infusing them into a processed medium (usually an oil or chemical). 


MAGU is made by just delivering the hemp itself – fully natural, no additives, no synthetic chemicals.


If you had to choose between:

  • an orange
  • a lab made jelly filled with citrus, Vitamin-C, and minerals to mimic an orange


Which one would you take?

Why can't I just eat the a hemp plant?

Although hemp has a lot of beneficial parts, our bodies cannot utilize these components without them being “activated.” Before MAGU, the only way to “activate” the plant, was through synthetic extraction methods or by smoking it.


However, both of these outdated methods have their flaws:

  • Extraction – Process is extremely manufactured, and requires a lot of synthetic additives and chemicals.
  • Smoking – bad for the lungs, and burns off a lot of the beneficial terpenes.

MAGU’s proprietary process involving patented technology and organic ingredients, brings out the full medicinal benefits of hemp in a natural way.

How much MAGU should I take?

We recommend taking 1 scoop of MAGU daily in the morning. If you have a sensitive stomach, please take MAGU with a meal.


For a boosted effect, feel free to take up to 2 scoops of MAGU per day (one with each meal).


1 Scoop ≈ .25g of MAGU

How can I make the benefits stronger?

You may increase or decrease the size of the scoop to adjust the strength of MAGU.


With over 8+ billion in the world and every body being unique, there is no such things as a “one size fit all” solution.


Things like weight, age, diet, exercise level, genetics, severity of symptoms, etc. can all play a factor to your body’s natural tolerance to supplements.


If the effects of MAGU are too strong, you can reduce your scoop size. If the effects are to mild, feel free to double (or even triple) your scoops!

Do I need to take MAGU forever?

If you do take MAGU every single day, there will no long term side effects, but it’s not necessary!


Once the initial effects kick in, you can skip days or reduce the size of your scoop to maintain the benefits. Everyone’s body is a bit different, but as long as you don’t skip for weeks/months, the initial “loading phase” should be very short.


Can I switch between recipes?

Yes you can! You can even take both at the same time. 

Is MAGU and MAGU PAWS vegan?

Yes! Our supplements are completely natural and vegan.

How long will it take to feel the effects of MAGU?

Since everyone’s body is unique, some may feel the effects after one scoop, but most of us will feel it within a week. 


Once you get the initial “WOW I FEEL GREAT TODAY” effect, you will feel this with every subsequent scoop.


We recommend taking 1 scoop every day to achieve this goal faster.

How much MAGU PAWS should I give my dog?

Please mix MAGU PAWS into your pet’s food or treat.

Small-sized Dogs (5-25 lbs)

  • Starting Daily Dosage: 1 scoop
  • Maximum Daily Dosage: 2 scoops

Medium-sized Dogs (26-50 lbs)

  • Starting Daily Dosage: 2 scoops
  • Maximum Daily Dosage: 4 scoops

Large-sized Dogs (51+ lbs)

  • Starting Daily Dosage: 3 scoops
  • Maximum Daily Dosage: 6 scoops

1 Scoop ≈ .1g of MAGU PAWS

Will MAGU show up on a drug test?

MAGU is in compliance with federal guidelines so our THC levels are near 0% (less than 0.3%).


When it comes to hemp-derived products like MAGU, the likelihood of them appearing on a drug test is extremely unlikely due to their very low THC content.


From our tests, we had our users take 2 scoops a day for 2-4 weeks and all the drug tests came back negative for THC.


However, it’s important to note that it’s not entirely impossible. If you consume multiple jars at once, theoretically, there is a chance of it showing on tests, but it is still highly unlikely.

Will I get "high" from MAGU?

No you will not. With the scoop size being small, and with our THC levels being at near 0%, it will physically impossible to get “high” from MAGU.

Why does MAGU smell?

The smell from MAGU comes from the medicinal terpenes. Although it may be similar to that of marijuana, we assure you that you will NOT get high. 


Think of how there are mushrooms that are beneficial to the body and also mushrooms that produce psychoactive effects (and get you “high”). They both smell and taste very similar, but yet are tremendously different.


In the ancient past, they may have originated from the same family of plants, but have now evolved to have completely different functionalities.

Can I mix MAGU into my tea or coffee?

Exposure to heat will drastically reduce the potency of MAGU.

We recommend mixing MAGU into cold drinks or foods (like a smoothie) to preserve the potency of the herb.


However, the strength of MAGU will also slightly diminishes the longer it is exposed to air. Therefore, the most optimal way to maximize the benefits would be to put your scoop directly on your tongue. Watch a quick 3-minute video from our CEO here (https://youtu.be/JbyPw_iavKc).

Can I take MAGU with my other medications and supplements?

Like most herbs, MAGU is extremely well tolerated by a majority of individuals.


MAGU targets the same enzymes as ginseng, green tea, and grapefruit (CYP3A4), so if you have any medications that cannot be taken with these three, they may slightly reduce the strength of each other.


However, there won’t be any adverse or dangerous interactions.

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